30+ minutes of behind-the-scenes bonus footage and extended interviews that were left in the editing room. Explore the Honinbo Shrine in Kyoto, Japan, kick it with Ben and Andy before the tournament, and sit down for an exclusive in-depth interview with Cho Hun-hyun 9P, the all-time record holder for most professional Go victories. All extras in 1080p HD.

- Subtitles in English only
- Includes Special Bonus: printable "How to Play Go" booklet and Go puzzle collection!

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6 Videos

  • Extras: "The Americans"

    "This Go is insane!" An extended look at the Go-fueled zaniness of the 2012 US Congress in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Learn more about Keith Arnold's special status as a "perfect attendee" of all 28 Go Congresses, the variants of Crazy Go, Terry Benson's well-managed Go pin collection, and t...

  • Extras: "The Honinbo Shrine"

    Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, is home to hundreds of ancient temples and shrines. Here at the Jakkoji temple is the site of the Honinbo Shrine and the grave of Sansa, founder of the Honinbo house in the 17th century, the most celebrated line of Go professionals during the Edo period.

  • Extras: "The Bird"

    The YMCA Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina was the site of the first US Pro qualification tournament and is nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In this behind-the-scenes clip, Ben and Andy have to escort a bird out of their cabin.

  • Extras: "The Lost Cho Hun-hyun Tapes"

    Cho Hun-hyun has won more professional matches and earned more professional titles than any player in history. In this exclusive interview, he talks about his childhood, moving to Japan to study under Go Seigen's teacher, and his duty to pass on the game.

  • Extras: "The Pastry Shop"

    Trash-talking and arguing about chess and Go are an essential part of a healthy Go club. Ben and Andy throw down at Ben's place in Harlem and then head over to the Hungarian Pastry Shop in Morningside Heights, where we meet club veterans Peter and Nader.

  • Extras: "Kirschner's Dream"

    At the first American pro qualification tournament, we sat down with long-time American Go organizer Chris Kirschner to hear about his lifelong relationship with the game and personal connection with legendary professional player and steward of the game Kaoru Iwamoto 9p. For Chris and Iwamoto, Go...

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